Located in Vietnam, MP is the unique manufacturer of high quality handmade miniature trees and landscaping materials for model railroad layouts; architectural models including projects of master planning, golf-court, public works, parks and industrial zones… The list is endless!

MP products are the result of a manual process requiring high detail and meticulousness from skilled handicraftsmen, which makes our product lines so perfectly genuine. Two of them are Premium Tree series and Plants.

Regarding Premium series, all details of the actual shape of trees are studied to apply to our models. A bundle of super fine wire strands are twisted together to form a trunk, from which wires are subdivided to form main branches and sub-branches. A fine coating is applied to create realistic bark. To form natural canopies of leaves is not easy for other makers whereas it is an advantage for MP. Sub-branches are cleverly stretched and covered with exclusive materials of MP in detail to form leaves.

In addition, MP owns some other economical series of industrial models, craft projects and architectural use: Scenic Tree, Micro Tree, Armature Tree,...

With good prices and various sizes, depending on the species, trees range in size from 1/2” to 18” tall, from Z through G scales. Our range of trees covers all the commonly used architectural scales, foliage and trunk colors can be Pantone color matched to your requirements. We are happy to get your interest and bring you the best satisfaction.

Concerning Plants, there are 2 groups, Flowering Plants and Gardening Plants. All the plants of these 2 groups match the nature’s bright and lively colors. Making miniatures with natural colors, delicate contours and diverse textures is a big challenge for MP. However, with a passion for creativeness and inspiration, we have created products more than expected. Hedges, Tulips, Flower Plants, Cornstalks, Cabbages, Pumpkins,... are all what we need to make a wonderful landscape like a rural farm, a country garden or a cityscape. By HO scale and O scale, MP Plants series is a good ideal for you.

MP Plant is a typical one with lots of grass, some bushes and trees that lose leaves when winter comes, some garden flowers or vegetable plants, and possibly a few weeds, then all or nearly all of the plants you see when you look around will be flowering plants.

Bring your city or countryside railroad to life with MP products!


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